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ITIS | Offshore Wind 

For this project ITIS has tested the grout lines of a jacket foundation to prove the integrity of the lines according to client requirements.

Conventional template type offshore platforms foundations are commonly supported by cylindrical "pipe" piles which are driven through tubular legs (main piles) or sleeves (skirt piles) which are an integral part of the jacket framing. The structural connection between the pile and the jacket is often provided by filling the annular space between the pile and the sleeve (or leg) with a neat cement slurry, commonly referred to as "grout". 

ITIS B.V. (Industrial testing & Inspection Services) is an independent technical service company and has expert knowledge and experience in providing: pressure testing, leak testing and quality control.

We are a recognized provider of customized services to various industries, including offshore wind, power generation, chemical and petrochemical, oil & gas, cryogenic and other high risk industries.


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