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Fire safe tests

Product testing


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Fire safe tests

ITIS has designed a state-of-the-art Fire Test facility where valves, actuators, gaskets, seals, fittings, and other components can be tested for fire safety.

Fire safe tests determine the resistance of valves to fire under controlled conditions defined in the industry standards such as ISO 10497, API 607, 6FA, 6FB, and 6FD. The requirements specified in these standards aim to establish acceptable performance for components during a time period that is representative of the time required to extinguish most fires.

The complete fire test is conducted in a certified bunker with reinforced concrete, where the fire is controlled at a safe distance, and all relevant parameters are recorded by our logging and registration system. Acceptance of the test results is related to the internal seat leakage and external leakage of the valve during the fire. It is deemed acceptable when the internal and external leakage during multiple test stages, before, during, and after the fire, does not exceed the maximum allowed limits according to the standard.

Test Report and Certification
After each test, a detailed test report is provided along with a certificate if the tested valve meets all the requirements. This certificate includes a description of all other qualified valves. Upon request, a third party can witness and certify the fire safe tests, or you can also follow the tests through a live stream internet connection.


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