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Pressure testing

Pressure and strength testing of systems are essential to ensure the safety and reliability of various systems. These tests verify that the components, connections, and systems are sufficiently strong and leak-proof.

During these tests, specific measuring instruments and equipment are used to accurately measure the pressure within the system. The testing process involves gradually increasing the pressure to the design level or even higher, to test the systems under extreme conditions. This allows for the detection of weak points, such as leaks or structural defects, before the system is put into operation. 

Precautions are taken during these tests to ensure the safety of employees and bystanders. Often, the testing area is cordoned off to maintain a safe distance and prevent unauthorized access. This helps minimize potential hazards and prevent accidents. 

These tests are of great importance as they ensure the integrity and reliability of systems. By verifying that all connections, components, and systems are strong enough and operate without leaks, the risk of malfunctions, leaks, and potential accidents is minimized. This is particularly crucial in systems such as piping, skids, pressure systems, sluice gates, and pontoons, where the reliability of the system directly impacts the safety of people and the environment. 

In some cases, gas such as air or a tracer gas mixture is used during pressure testing to detect leaks in the systems. This allows us to evaluate the systems under realistic conditions and verify their leak-tightness at the required pressure. 

Overall, pressure and strength testing of systems is vital to ensure the integrity and reliability of systems. These tests help identify weak points and risks before systems are put into operation, thereby ensuring the safety of people, property, and the environment. 


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