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Product testing

Leak testing

Leak testing is a very precise way of leak detection and is used to locate and quantify leaks for a wide range of applications.

Valve testing

Many tests such as: cryogenic testing, low temperature testing, high temperature testing, burst testing and fire safe testing can be performed in our testing facility.

In-situ ERV PVRV testing

ITIS has developed a method to perform in-situ testing and adjustment of pressure/vacuum valves (PVRV) and ERV valves directly on the tank, according to their set opening pressure.

Research & Technology

At ITIS, we offer you a comprehensive range of testing and certifications to ensure that your products meet all relevant standards and gain international recognition.

Fire safe tests

ITIS has designed a state-of-the-art Fire Test facility where valves, actuators, gaskets, seals, fittings, and other components can be tested for fire safety.

Cryogenic & low temperature tests

To maintain and improve our high standards in testing design and production valves, we operate with extremely stringent cryogenic testing protocols in our testing department.

High pressure testing

Our tests are carried out in specially designed bunkers and the valves are operated using fully automated actuators.

Production testing

Normally every valve undergoes a strength and leak test carried out by the manufacturer before leaving the factory.

High-temperature testing

Hoge temperatuur op appendages kunnen worden uitgevoerd tot meer dan 800°C om operationele omstandigheden te simuleren.


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