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Acoustic Emission Leak Detection

It is known that leaking valves represent a major safety risk and are a major source of lost profits. Find leaking valves with our latest Acoustic Emissions (AE) system long before detection by conventional methods or instrumentation is now possible. Avoid product losses to the flare and Fugitive Emissions, confidently prepare for maintenance outages and avoid excessive valve damage due to prolonged leakage. Non-Intrusive valve condition monitoring and evaluation. No more costly and lengthy downtime caused by alternative invasive testing techniques such as pressure boundary testing and pressure build-up testing.

Quick, easy and positive identification of leaking valves (evidence-based approach to valve management). Intrinsically safe certified device, no hot work permits required to complete survey (ATEX, CSA and IEC Ex Certified). 

To ensure the ongoing safety integrity, environmental protection and efficiency of your process is correctly maintained at all times, it is of critical importance that you optimally maintain your process valve population, based on risk. In managing and maintaining process valves, most operators use a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) to implement a calendar-based approach to maintenance. 

A range of services or studies are available, covering topics among others: Flare Stack Valve Leak Detection

Optimising Maintenance with Acoustic Emissions (AE) 

Avoidance of Unnecessary Valve Repairs 

Pre-Shutdown Planning with AE 

Testing of “On/Off- & Safety Valves” 

Blow-Down Valve Management 

Hot-Tapping and Leak Seal Repair Support 

Loss Reduction Programme Support 

Monitoring of Critical Valves 


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