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TA Inspection

ITIS offers comprehensive planning and support services during shutdowns, with a focus on efficient inspections and maintenance activities for valves and safety devices. At ITIS, we understand that shutdowns are critical periods that require inspections and maintenance work to be carried out on valves and safety devices.  

Our experienced professionals act as the eyes and ears of the asset owner in the revision workshops. We ensure compliance with all safety measures, proper execution of the planning, monitoring of progress, and cost control. Additionally, we ensure that all quality assurance and testing procedures are properly carried out. Through this independent audit and control, you can have confidence that the revision of valves and safety devices will be carried out in a timely and accurate manner, allowing your installation to quickly resume operation. 

Our expertise in valve revisions, inspections, and maintenance enables us to address unexpected problems during the shutdown. Whether it's corrosion, defects, or other complications, we analyze the situation and provide appropriate solutions to ensure efficient revision and long-term reliability of your installation. 

By engaging ITIS for shutdown planning and support, you can benefit from a smooth shutdown process with efficient inspections, timely repairs, and minimal downtime. We work closely with your team to ensure that everything proceeds according to plan, allowing your installation to quickly return to operation. Our expertise and dedication enable us to achieve shutdown optimization and ensure the reliability of your valves and safety devices. 


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