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ITIS | Leak Testing

We are proud to be a service provider for Korrel Lasservice regarding the leak test of a hydrogen- and CNG system at TNO Automotive, Helmond (NL).

During this test all welds, flanges, fittings and stem seals have been tested for leakage using at 450 bar with helium as tracer gas.

Due to the fact that health, safety and environmental aspects are becoming more and more important in any industry, there is a constantly growing need for industrial leak testing. Selecting the best leak test method is an economic decision that balances the cost of meeting the leak test specifications within the conditions and requirements of production. While leak testing may look to be a simple procedure, the process involves a combination of both science and skill. The test operator must ensure the equipment is functioning properly (i.e. calibration of test equipment, tracer gas pollution in test environment etc.), and the process is highly dependent upon the operator’s experience.


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