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ITIS| Testing Rising Stem Ball Valves (RSBV)

18” FB class 1500 Rising Stem Ball Valve after high pressure testing according to client specification. Large and heavy valves requires various lift and handling equipment including fork lifter and crane. For large valves we have built an extra bunker: 5x5x5 meters to be able to test such valves in perfectly safe environments. 

Different kind of valve test: cryogenic testing, low temperature testing, high temperature, burst tests and fire safe tests can be performed in our laboratory. Valves, fittings, flanges and gaskets can be tested according to international standards and (customized) procedures of clients from -196°C up to 800°C. The measured data can be recorded and logged by a digital registration system so that reporting of tests is fairly simple. Test data and video images can be streamed ‘live’ so that an involved party can witness the complete test procedure from anywhere in the world.


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