ITIS-Tanktesters has developed a innovative In-Situ test method according Dutch guideline PGS 29 for testing ERV&PVRV valves on storage tank, tank roofs.

Last year ITIS-Tanktesters developed a innovative In -Situ test-method to determine opening set pressures and inspecting ERV en PVRV valves on tank roofs of storage tanks according Dutch guideline PGS 29.

In-Situ means, testing and inspecting will take place on the tank roof during operation in of course constrained conditions.

It goes without saying that this method entails cost savings compared to current used methods.

This means that storage tanks no longer have to be taken out of operation to certify valves according PGS 29. This implies that lead time can be greatly reduced and mobile cranes are no longer needed in the plant.
Also Safety risks are greatly reduced when applying this method.

Want to know more about the possibilities that ITIS-Tanktesters has to offer? Feel free to contact Niels Herman, in charge of business development of ITIS-Tanktesters.

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