Research & Technology

End users often demand the highest technical requirements on your products and materials.

To ensure that your products will be internationally recognised and meet all relevant standards, we offer numerous product tests and certifications as an independent and experienced partner, always accomplished with current state-of-the-art technology.

As independent partner we provide Research & Technology services and are able to offer a broad spectrum of acceptance and approval tests on products and materials, like: valves, gaskets, fittings, swivels etc. From our unique position between research and industry we can provide you with support throughout the entire product development process, helping you to verify your product’s durability, function and safety.

In our modern test facility we are able to test your products and assemblies for their behaviour and reliability in accordance with standardised conditions, but also under extreme temperature and climate conditions. For the purpose of product development and validation, we provide services which include test methods such as destructive examination, pressure pulse testing, endurance testing, load testing, burst pressure testing, leak and climatic testing.

We will gladly advise you on the most efficient and economical way to test and certify your products within the wide range of possibilities we offer.


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The Netherlands

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