Type Approval Testing

It is not uncommon for certain applications that a new type of valve will have to be developed to meet the end user’s needs. Most end users have the highest technical demands on valves they are aiming to use in an assembly. Needless to say these ‘prototypes’ will undergo extensive testing to verify reliability, safety etc. To ensure that these valves are provided with internationally recognised certification such as the TAT (Shell MESC SPE 77/300) requirements, we provide TAT, also called DVT (Design Validation Test) valve testing and certifications as an independent and experienced partner, always corresponding to current state-of-the-art technology.

Verifying the reliability and safety of valves is a demanding and complex matter. We gladly advise you on the most efficient way to test your valves within the TAT requirements in accordance with SPE 77/300.

From our unique position between research and industry we can provide you with support throughout the entire valve development process, helping you to verify valves for durability, function and safety.


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