Production Testing

Normally, valves are pressure tested in the valve manufacturer factory to check for leaks before they are shipped. The type and method of testing conforms to one or more of many different standards in use. Consequently, the purpose of these tests and the expected results are often misunderstood and misapplied, resulting in unnecessary delays and unanticipated costs.

Numerous valve standards define leak testing requirements. Often, the difference between them is unclear, which leads to confusion over which one to use and why. The most common standards for production tests are: ISO 5208, API 598, EN 12266-1 and (ASNI) FCI 70-2 for Control Valves.

Common (production) tests on valves are:

  • Shell test (proving body strength)
  • Backseat test (proving leak rate on body-spindle seat)
  • Low-pressure closure test
  • High-pressure closure test
  • Visual examination of castings
  • High-pressure pneumatic shell test

ITIS counts on 4 test benches suitable for both hydrostatic and gas testing for valves from ½” to 30”, pressure classes from ANSI 150 to API 15000 and from vacuum up to 2000 bar.


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