Cryogenic and Low Temperature Testing

To enhance and maintain our high standards of valve design and production testing, we operate with stringent cryogenic testing programmes in our test facility.
With more than 15 years of experience of testing valves designed for low temperature and cryogenic purposes, ITIS can offer customers the benefit of considerable practical expertise in testing and problem-solving, for valve manufacturers but also end-users.

Valves can be tested at any controlled temperature down to -196°C (boiling-point of liquid nitrogen). The parameters we monitor include the measurement of leakage for seats and body, operating torques, and cycling under typical low temperature or cryogenic conditions. Tests are carried out in accordance with recognised international standards or can be designed to our customer’s own specifications to ensure application suitability.

Examples of Valve Test standards for Low Temperature or Cryogenic Temperatures are:
ISO 28921-1, ISO 28921-2, BS 6364, Shell MESC SPE 77/200 and SPE 77/306, but can also be customized to meet specific customer’s specifications.


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