Workshop at Valve World Conference

Workshop at Valve World Conference on November 29, 2018 at 10AM
Proposal for an international standard
 Type Testing of Industrial Valves

New International Standard: “Type Testing of Industrial Valves”

The latest developments of WG10, ISO/TC 153 was presented at the Valve World exhibition 2018.
The main objective of this workshop was to increase awareness of the community regarding the fact that there is no standard for type testing of valves.
Moderator: Luc Vernhes, Chairman, (Canadian Mirror Committee ISO/TC153 & Director Engineering, Business Development, Velan), Canada.
Panelists: T. Smart (Shell, the Netherlands), C. Reynes (Total, France), E. Euthymiou (former Petrobras, Brazil), J. Peterschmitt (KSB, France), E. Sauger (Cetim, France) and C. Zegers (ITIS, the Netherlands).

WG10 is very interested in your comments, questions, suggestions and remarks so please come along and let us know your opinion regarding the new standard.
Please let us know your thoughts or if you want to receive the latest ITIS presentation regarding TAT testing:





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