ISO/TC153 meetings Montreal

From Monday 23 September to Friday 27 September 2019, several TC/153 meetings were held at the University of Montreal in Canada.

This week several topics like (new) ISO standards, drafts, working documents, proposals and comments were discussed by experts from different countries e.g.: China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Netherlands.

The scope of the ISO/TC153 committee is the standardization in the field of industrial valves, valve actuators including their attachments, and steam traps. The standardization to include parameters covering interchangeability, valve mating details for actuator mounting, testing, marking, quality requirements, terminology and other relevant parameters.

ISO members are the foremost standards organizations in their countries and there is only one member per country. Each member represents ISO in its country.
Individuals or companies cannot become ISO members, but there are ways that you can take part in standardization work.

As a representative of the Netherlands, Mr. C. Zegers of ITIS was attending the meetings regarding valve testing: WG10, ISO 23632 (Type-testing of valves), WG12 ISO 28921-1 (Isolating valves for low-temperature application), WG14, ISO 10497 (Fire type-testing).

ISO develops International Standards and other deliverables for products, services, processes, materials and systems, and for conformity assessment, managerial and organizational practice.

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