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Smart Tooling is a project within the European program Interreg Flanders-Netherlands. In the Smart Tooling project, with the support of Interreg V Flanders-Holland. SMEs, SMEs, company’s and service providers from the border area Belgium-Holland are brought together as partners to develop robot technology. By working more safe and cost-efficiently we can improve the process industry.

KicMPi has been made responsible for the financial and substantive project management of the Smart Tooling project. The following project partners are working closely together in this project: BASF, Dow Benelux, Impuls Zeeland, REWIN, BOM, BEMAS, Sirris, Ghent University, University of Twente and Avans University of Applied Sciences.

At the moment 19 project partners are participating lightly in this project and are working in clusters. Namely the cluster inspection, workplace, UAS and cleaning. The project has been running for almost three years now. A state of affairs.

Project duration extension:
The Smart Tooling project has started at the 1st September 2016. The original end date would be on the 31st August 2019. On the 10th July 2019 we received approval to extend the project duration until the 31st May 2020. Some of the share projects require a longer duration than the current projects to realize the test plans.

Progress Cluster Workplace:
The cluster workplace puts the focuses on the ‘leak detection’ of the sub-theme and ‘augmented reality’ and ‘workplace robotics’.

Leak detection:
The purpose of this project is for the collaborative robot to help with leak detection.
The Cobot will sniff the potential leaks of a pressurized valve via a probe.

Project partners: ITIS, Sirris (B)
The Dutch company Industrial Test and Inspection Services (ITIS) participates in this project as a partner in collaboration with Sirris.In the first part of the Interreg project was developed a prototype robot.
ITIS is going to work with SIRRIS on a larger Cobot UR10.
The intention is that the Cobot will be operational spring of 2020.

Project Smart Tooling

Smart Tooling is a project within the European program Interreg Flanders-The Netherlands. For this project develops KI<MPI, together with other partners in the project, innovative robotics applications for maintenance in the process industry.

The aim of the project
The aim of the project is to strengthen the process industry by working cost efficiently and more safely. Research has shown that there is a need for more than 50 concrete robot applications. Small company’s have the challenge to develop technological solutions together with knowledge institutions.

  • 8 service providers (large or small companies) in the maintenance of process industries will be lighted as project partners to facilitate research and testing at asset owners. This group have a total budget of € 270,000, of which 40% is subsidized.
  • 16 small companies will be lighted as project partners for the actual development, engineering and construction of prototypes / proofs of concept. This group have a total budget of € 1,400,000, of which 50% is subsidized.
  • 32 companies are actively involved within the innovation clusters, but do not receive any financial support.

Partners and Partners Light
KI <MPi is responsible for the financial and material project management of the Smart Tooling project. Within the project, the following project partners work closely together: KI <MPi, BASF, Dow Benelux, Impuls Zeeland, Rewin, BOM, BEMAS, Sirris, Ghent University, University of Twente, Avans Hogeschool.

The project is divided into several clusters. Some of the Project Partners Light are inflated later because they are able to develop the innovations during the project.

Toepassingen binnen het cluster: Project Partner Light
UAS – Flying inside Ronik, Delft Dynamics, POZYX
UAS – Flying outside SPIE, Avular, Airobot
Workplace ITIS, IRISTICK , Augnition n.v.
Cleaning Vertidrive, Group Peeters, Mourik, Buchen, Serenity, Heemskerk, VTEC
Inspection VTEC, IDTEC, Serenity


Interreg V Flanders-The Netherlands is a program of the European Union aimed at cross-border cooperation, which aims to strengthen and promote innovation and sustainable development within the border region. In these projects, companies, business coils, governments, knowledge institutions and other organizations on both sides of the border work together to achieve concrete innovations. For 2014-2020, Europe will provide more than 152 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The Smart Tooling project receives funding from the Interreg Flanders-Netherlands program.



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